We live in a fast paced world, one where every single minute spare is to be cherished and savoured. 
The trend so often these days is speed. Products have a short life cycle and trends come and go quickly, moving from one fad hastily onto the next. We believe that beautiful products should be kept and collected, with each piece having a story to tell. 
The season, we've gone back to basics. We created a range full of pieces that we like to think of as 'trend-less' - meaning they will stand the test of time. Enormous time and focus has been spent on selecting materials and finishes that grouped together give a beautiful sense of depth and texture. With natural materials and a softer and more neutral colour palette, our products have been simplified. 
This design process was an exercise in restraint and the result is a calming, cohesive, textural range that we are immensely proud of. 
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