About Us

Right here in Melbourne, we design an understated, contemporary mix of cool and cosy products, at a price we’re proud of. Simply relax onto one of our handwoven rugs and notice the quality.

We’re proof that quality homewares don’t have to come with a hefty cost. For you, nor the environment. You’ll see we choose to use natural fibres like French Flax Linen, New Zealand Wool and Tencel. Working with the best in the business, we deliver nothing but, while cutting out the price of middle man.

We believe enriching the look and feel of your home starts with nailing the staple ingredients; bedding, lighting and rugs. And, letting them sing in an uncluttered space. 

We love that a small selection of exceptional staple pieces can completely transform a room; aest hetically and emotively. So, we’ve intentionally designed our pieces to create warmth, using both colour and texture. 

Our hope is that we can help you feel confident to give contemporary styling a go. And, provide you with styling tricks to make your space (whether it be for home, work or holidays) your very own. 

It's staple simplicity, done exceptionally well.